Thursday, September 16, 2004

"Philled to the Brim" (9/16/04)- Items...

Time for another installment of "Philled to the Brim". the ground rules have been explained earlier. Please refer to the archives, if necessary.

Note: I originally wrote this at my second job back on July 31.

Items That Irk Me:

1. "Silent DJ's"- You tend to occur this hindrance on the late and overnight shifts. Either the station is too cheap to pit an actual human being behind the mike, or is the talent pool that small? You keep hearing the station ID over and over when there would normallybe a voice telling the time weather, etc. What is funny in this situation is when the track skips, or there is a pregnant pause. As long as I have a regular radio, I will always to a station that has an actual warm-blooded body vibrating his vocal chords into the stratosphere, and back into my speakers.

The exceptions: satellite radio, and stations under a new format. I will cut them a break for a little bit.

While I am on the topic of radio stations, how can you call yourselves "The NEW..." when you have playing the same musical genre for the last three years. This novel nugget should have been clubbed over everyone's head by now- DROP IT, dammit!

2. "Aggressive drivers on the way home"- It is after five, and the asshole behind you is honking because you did not flinch when the contact play was executed. You especially get this on Friday. Hey, dumbass- we all have the same destination in mind- HOME! Wait your turn like the rest of us! By the way, your tail light is out. I hope you get pulled over and ticketed for both a moving violation and aggressive driving- YOU DESERVE IT, FATASS!

3. People who blatently do not use spell check when sending e-mail. It is okay to let one slip by now and then, but you need to draw the line. Take advantage for what it is there for.

It could be worse- Grammar check.

4. People who interrupt others while talking- and don't apologize. Every now and then, we all cut off someone by mistake. Others are blatant. Where are manners these days?

5. The words, "I'm Sorry."- I will cover both ends on this one.

a) not saying it when appropriate- I hate it when people fail to apologize when they have done wrong, especially when they know it. Swallow your pride and fess up. you will feel much better at the end.

b) saying it too much- This can be just as bad. There are instances when saying those two words are just not good enough. Some people over time feel that just saying it to me will give them imunity. NOT ALWAYS THE CASE! Always explain yourself, for that things will pass over more quickly.

That is all for this edition of "Philled to the Brim". Take care until next time.


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