Sunday, November 07, 2004

Bush Country 2004: THE MANDATE No Mistake About It

Mommy Tell Me

Mommy, Tell Me What Is War?
I Never Heard The Word Before,
But Now I See It On T.V.
On Every Channel That I See.
In School I Hear The Teachers Say
That They Are Worried Every Day.
So Tell Me Mommy, I'm Unsure --
Should I Be Afraid Of War?

The Question That You Ask, My Son
Is Truly Not An Easy One
Some Will Say That War Is HATE-
The World Is In An Awful State.
But Son, With Freedom On Our Side
So Many Go To War With PRIDE-
They Fight To Show The World They Care
And See The Hardships That They Bare.
Our Soldiers Raise Their Heads Up High
And For Our Country Some Will Die;
They Put Their Lives, Son, On The Line
To Give Their Country Piece Of Mind.
They Fight To Give A Boy Like You
The Freedom That You Have To Choose.
The Things We Take For Granted, Son
They Want To Give To Everyone.
So Do Not Fear, For What They Do

There Is One Last Thing I Must Tell,
Please Listen To This Very Well-
What You Can Do To Help Them There
Is Keep Those Soldiers In Your Prayers.
Pray That When Your Job Is Done
They Come Home Safely, My Sweet Son.
You see, They All Have Mothers Too
Who Love Them Just As I Love You.

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