Thursday, December 30, 2004

10 Dating Resolutions for the New Year

10 Dating Resolutions for the New Year
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I like making lots of New Year's resolutions. This year I'm going to get more exercise and stop ordering miracle products from late–night TV. I also realized that my social life could use some resolutions. Here's my list; maybe a few of them could work for you, too!

10. I will explore new hobbies and interests. What does this have to do with dating? I need something to talk about. There's nothing worse than spending a whole dinner just talking about how much I'd like to be in a relationship. This year, I'll become a more interesting person (and have a great time) by pursuing things I've always wanted to do.

9. I will give someone a chance. Sooner or later, whether it's at the coffee shop or browsing, I'll meet someone who falls outside my description of the person I think I'm looking for. Maybe he has a different religion, job or educational background, but he'll interest me anyway and I'll see what happens. What do I have to lose?

8. I will stop falling for the idea of a person. As soon as I hear that someone has a fascinating occupation or background, I create this story in my head: "If he's an architect, we could have such profound conversations about composition." I will knock if off and wait to learn who people really are.

7. I will stop bringing my lucky rock to social engagements. It was nearly discovered recently, and I have this great dress that doesn't have any pockets.

6. I will not make too much eye contact. While it's sensible and good dating etiquette to look your date in the eye during conversation, gazing too deeply tends to mesmerize the weaker minded boys or scare off potential winners.

5. I will not tell my life story on a first date. Nor will I show off my tattoo or share multiple college party stories. I'm all for honesty, but a little privacy is good at first. Besides, the present and the future make great conversation, too.

4. I will avoid last–minute hysteria before a date by combing my hair in a way that experience has proven to be technically feasible and aesthetically pleasing. I'll save the bold experiments for another night.

3. I will be straightforward with decent people who I am not interested in pursuing a relationship with. I will practice these lines for use in emails and phone messages: "Thanks for your reply, but I don't think we're a match. Good luck." and "I had a nice time Friday, but I don't see this working out. Thanks for the evening, and good luck. "

2. I will make a psych–up tape of my favorite songs to play before I go out and leave the house feeling energized and confident.

1. I will bounce better. If I learned anything from last year, it's that a bit of disappointment is part of the dating game and you've got to move on. I had a seventh grade softball coach, Coach Terry, who would shout "Way to go, tiger!" when I got up after being hit with a bat or losing some skin in an unsuccessful slide for second base. This year, I'll work on my sense of humor and remember Coach Terry.

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