Tuesday, December 07, 2004

"Poetry Corner"

Hello again,
It is time for another edition of "Poetry Corner". This is an original by yours truly. I hope that you enjoy it!



William N. Phillips, Jr.

To the girl that I love,
the one that stands out
in a crowd; without a doubt,
shines brighter than the sun above.

To the girl that makes me feel
like a first love revisited-
that of a lovesick puppy
each time her presence is real.

To the girl with the innocent smile,
that of a young, adolescent child.
Only because she is so shy
but sensitive as a bar of soap so mild.

To the girl that I care about deeply,
more than what she will ever know.
Only hoping that maybe some day
these feelings will come all aglow.

To the girl that is very beautiful,
both on the surface and under the seams.
To those who really know this girl
will tell you that this is no dream.

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Ashley#48fan said...

OH how sweet that is. Really enjoyed reading it. NOT