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Barry Manilow's 1996 Eye Surgery


The Consumer's Guide To Laser Vision Correction

By Franchette Armstrong

What Is RPK? RPK is an acronym for Photorefractive Kerotectomy -- using laser light to reshape the cornea of the eye to change the way it "sees."

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Are you a candidate for RPK?

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I contacted Mr. Manilow about three weeks after his PRK experience, just as he was leaving to begin a tour in England. He kindly faxed this reply to my questions.


Dear Ms. Armstrong:

Happy to be of any help. My eye is still healing but there's been an incredible improvement. I haven't worn my glasses since the procedure. Amazing.

Before the surgery, I couldn't see very far. I needed glasses for TV and movies. Onstage I suffered with contact lenses -- which I'd rip out as soon as I exited.

I'd read abut the PRK procedure for years and since I'm fearless(!) decided to check it out. I was referred to Dr. Maloney and felt confident that it was the right thing for me.

I was nervous before the procedure. I don't need my second eye done, but if I did, I wouldn't be nervous again. It was quick, painless and simple. The staff made me feel totally at ease. The recovery wasn't too bad. Just some annoying soreness.

A few hours after the procedure I had a costume fitting and two meetings with musicians. On the following two days I had two photo sessions. PRK never even slowed me down! I can wholeheartedly recommend this procedure for anyone who wants to throw away their glasses or contact lenses.

When I returned for my checkup the next day, I actually saw a woman in tears because she could see so clearly after having blurry vision all her life. And last night, I looked up into the sky without my glasses and saw the comet! Yipes! It's a miracle!

Very clearly yours,

Barry Manilow

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