Thursday, June 25, 2009

Famous Talk Show Host Irv Homer Dies

Famous Talk Show Host Irv Homer Dies

June 25th, 2009 - 8:40 pm ICT by GD

At an unfortunate moment, Irv homer, famous talk show host, died on Wednesday. It was only past 10 minutes of his introductory remarks at the program on an author in Eastern University, that Irving collapsed and was taken to the Bryn Mawr Hospital where the doctor declared him to be dead saying that he had a heart attack. The program was canceled when homer became ill. Homer, who was born and brought up in Philadelphia, initially owned three bars in the region. There listening to different shows over the radio made him almost a talk show freak that later initiated him to trace a career out of his passion. He has worked for a charity foundation called Sunshine Foundation in his hometown that caters to the wishes of chronically ill children and their parents.

Up till recently, He had hosted a internet show on Wednesday.Many of his fans found “Evil Irv”, as he was jokingly nicknamed,to be bombastic and full of energy while his colleagues find him to be an extremely good human being. To his boss at WBCB, Merrill Reese, Irv was one of the most likable man that he had ever met in his life.

86 year old Irv Homer was associated with WWDB since 1975 hosting talk shows over the radio. In an age where listening to radio has almost gone to the backdrop, legend like Irv still inspired all through his words.He will always be known as a person who using simple casual language used to bring out a story out of any issue.

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