Thursday, June 25, 2009

WBCB Remembers Irv Homer

WBCB Remembers Irv Homer

WBCB’s beloved talk show host Irv Homer passed away Wednesday evening while giving a speech at Eastern University. He was 86 years old. A true radio icon Irv had a long career at WWDB, WPHT, Channel 6 and here at WBCB.

Irv Homer was born and raised in Philadelphia and never planned to become the popular, controversial top rated talk-show host he turned out to be. Irv originally owned three bars in the Philadelphia area and spent a lot of time listening to and calling different talk-show hosts in the area and even described himself as a talk-show freak.

Irv began his talk show career in the 1960's when he and some of his friends bought some air time at WXUR. Irv’s show took off at WXUR and Irv moved forward to WEEZ in Chester . He had been calling the station so much to debate the moderators that the program director decided he liked Irv's style and called him to offer him a chance to go on the air. The audience loved him and the station hired Irv.

In March of 1975 Irv was hired and became part of the family at WWDB then known as "The Talk Station in Philadelphia ". When WWDB changed formats in the late 90’s Irv found a new home at WBCB, where he broadcast until the day he died. Along the way Irv has been involved in many community and national projects. He has been awarded many times over for his generosity.

Irv is probably most well known for his work with the Philadelphia-based Sunshine Foundation. The Sunshine Foundation grants the wishes of terminally and chronically ill children and their families by paying for vacations, trips or any special requests the children have. Irv was the national Vice-President of the Foundation emeritus.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family, friends and fans of Irv Homer.

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Martin said...

Irv taught me to think. The most insightful thing he taught me was to "Follow the money trail" if you wantr to know why anyone is doing anything. I applied that thinking to Global warming now climate change... WE miss you Irv but you live on in those you taught.