Thursday, March 11, 2010

The American people understand that Obamacare will kill jobs By Rep. Paul Broun



President Obama and Congressional liberals have hit a wall. The American people have rejected their government takeover of health care, and the only people changing their minds are the moderate Democrat members who are now opposing the latest version.

Despite all the rhetoric, news coverage, and town hall meetings, the public opinion polls have remained constant against ObamaCare. The Wall Street Journal reported public opinion remains at about 2 to 1 against this scheme. Why? The poll revealed that 57% of voters believe that ObamaCare would hurt the economy, and they are right to be concerned.

The government take-over of health care that liberals are ramming through will increase taxes on families and small businesses, include mandates that will force employers to cut jobs, increase the cost of health care, and increase uncertainty for families and small businesses.

Instead of forcing through these unpopular and unconstitutional health care mandates and implementing policies that will actually discourage job growth, Washington needs to start over.

I have listened to seniors, families, and small business owners as they have demanded a new, commonsense solution that will fix our health care financing crisis without increasing the financial burden.

Whether or not the President, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid decide to listen, one fact remains: no matter how much they sell this bill and manipulate the numbers, the end results are job losses and socialized medicine. And the American people are against it. It is my hope that lawmakers will remember who they work for and reject this takeover once and for all.

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