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The Obama economy in a declining America-Wake up By Doc Vega


AUGUST 29, 2013


Obama's lasting legacy! 

Aside from a traitorous US media that continually ignores the damage being done by the Obama administration and all those who still idolize the President, here are the gruesome facts about the economic state of America. The longer Americans go on ignoring these troubling signs the worse it’s going to get. Pay attention to the facts people or you won’t see that train wreck that is fast approaching.

Beginning with the 787 billion dollar bailout in 2009 that actually did not save the American people from the steepest recession in US history, it saved the banks and some of the biggest corporations, and that was not a trickle down patching of the hole in the dike as millions were forced to collect unemployment and food stamps. As the federal government nationalized 2/3 of the American auto industry, kept bankers who were guilty of causing the massive bubble which caused massive failure in investment markets, and billions that went to select broadcasting corporations to keep the media in the pocket of the US government, Americans themselves were not spared the suffering of an actual modern day Depression. With billions being funneled back into Democratic slush funds and causes a bleak future for this nation was ensured.

The following indicators give us an idea of the degree of hope and change already brought about un President Obama. Pay attention.

  • Cost of gasoline when President Obama entered office $1.85 per gallon now it hovers around $3.53.

  • During the Obama presidency 7 out of every 8 jobs created is part time employment.

  • Number of full time workers today is 6 million down from the record set in 2007 during Bush.

  • Number of American workers making less than $30, 000 a year is at 53%!

  • 16.1 % of Americans are under real poverty

  • Since Obama took office food stamp recipients have numbered 11,000 people per day!

  • Under the Obama White House a fulltime minimum wage earner makes 40% than a his 1968 counterpart.

  • In 4 years under the Obama administration unemployed US workers grew by 8,332,000!

  • When President Obama took office avg. term of unemployment was 19.8 weeks it’s now 36.6 weeks!

  • Under President Obama the middle class has lost household  expendable income.

  • Home ownership at 67.5% in the US before Obama has shrunken to 65% a 18 year low in home ownership!

  • Under the Obama White House the typical median household income has dropped by $4,000.00 for 4 years in a row!

  • When Obama entered office food stamp recipients was at 32 million there are now 50 million Americans!

  • Presently 1 million public school students are homeless under Obama up by 57% since 2007.

  • Under the Obama administration health care insurance has risen 29% with the coming of Obamacare that figure will rise significantly as Affordable Health Care controls 1/6 of the US economy!

  • Under Obama the number of Americans receiving money from the federal government has risen by 32%

  • Under the Obama White House 100 million Americans are presently getting some form of Federal subsidy!

  • When Obama entered office US debt to GDP was 70% today the current debt to GDP is 110%!

  • In 2008 Federal Reserve holdings of US Treasury Bonds were 479.5 billion under Obama that figure is now 2 trillion dollars.

  • Under the Obama Presidency the first 4 years the federal government accumulated more debt than the previous 42 elected administrations combined!

  • With the expanded federal debt under President Obama it would take $50,521.00 of every US household for everyone to pitch in and pay their share! Feel like pitching in?

These appalling figures do not indicate the inevitable outcome based upon insurmountable socio-economic conditions where there were no options or alternatives! Federal government policy was responsible for every one of these unbelievable implications that should not only concern you. You should be scared for the future of this nation under this kind of irresponsible and disconnected leadership.     

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