Sunday, December 01, 2013

Advertisers...Don't Fire Santa Claus! By Erin Reilly

Ugh. My first post. The pressure to amuse and entertain is giving me hives. Not really, but if saying that gives you an unpleasant picture than I have succeeded. ;)

As I look around there are many, MANY things going on outside my window that cause me great frustration. Whether it'd be the neighbor not picking up their dogs' waste, drivers who take my Jedi skills for granted (please, no need to signal, of course I knew you were turning there), or that when I wake up Obama is still President. Even with those delights on the buffet table of daily annoyances, one thing that I can count on to really twist my under-roos is that TV ads are killing Santa. Let me digress...

As a child, before I put the emphasis of Christmas where my Irish Catholic guilt reminds me it need be, I was a soldier in Santa's army. Truth be told that during the months of January-November I may not have been the epitomy of a golden child, but I'd be damned if come December 1st my name crossed over to the naughty side of Santa's list. But now here I sit, a few decades later, with children of my own, gulping down my wine in fear that my spawn will put the connection together..."Mommy? Why is Target telling parents to shop there for Christmas toys? Why is Walmart telling you that the place to get all your Christmas gifts is with them? " And Toy R Us????? I have no comment.

Contrary to popular belief, not many things get past me; some days it's just easier to play possum. So yes, I understand capitalism. I understand what the holiday "spirit" does to the once almighty dollar. I get it. But with our children's innocence being stripped away on a day to day basis, can't we just try to set aside a schmidge of belief for good 'ole Saint Nick? I mean, think about Rudolph, think about Mrs. Claus and oh my Heavens THE ELVES, not to mention the parents damn it! We feed your need to make $$! Show some love and STOP KILLING SANTA CLAUS! Try to embrace your childhood memories of sitting on Santa's lap, and for those of the non Christian faith, think about the beauty of the season. Putting Santa in the unemployment line would take a great deal of that away (and your Christmas bonus).

Santa gets one gig a year, let the poor guy Ho Ho Ho and eat his cookies.


steve P said...

Spot on! It has always amazed me that my kids never connected the dots but as ads get more aggressive, and we have things like Brown Thursday to compliment Black Friday, its only a matter of time.

Last November, on a plan to visit family in Vermont for Thanksgiving (just before moving here), my 8 yr old sat with me on the plane. Guy behind is ranting about the government, mind altering chemicals in the water, and every other conspiracy theory known to man. I am the type - let people believe in what they want as long as they aren't thumping me with it to get me to drink from their kool aid, but the problem was he was dropping language that I can't use in front of my own kids, so it got to the point where my son kinds of looked at me and I told him... "Sit tight"

I wheeled around and told him "Hey you mind? My 8 yr old son is sitting right here"

I noticed a few random smiles from other passengers in obvious agreement as I sat back down. Clearly people around him were tired of hearing him yap.

Moment later, this waste of skin says "what, I suppose you're the type that still thinks Santa is real?"

Clearly he missed my point. Wasn't the content I had an issue with, it was his language. Well, my son's head whipped around to me at supersonic speed and I had to react, and had to be over the top.

This time I got out of my seat, stood right next to him and said loudly ensuring it was heard "As a matter of fact, I happen to know he is real, and I have proof. Obviously you don't and that's probably why the highlight of your days are spent rambling to strangers on a plane. Another comment about it and I will meet you on the jet way and I will show you that proof"

With that, as i took my seat I heard a few passengers clap (just now realizing there were other kids around this guy too) as I heard my wife a few rows back slither onto the floor.

Point is people without young kids have become desensitized, and to your point, so is big business. :(

What? No, he wasn't interested in seeing my proof but I think it was over the top enough to cast dispersions on any doubt he whipped up on that plane.

Erin Reilly said...

hahaha...way to go dad!!! Before my babies went with their dad for Thanksgiving, we watched the Macy's parade together...well, one of the acts was a Motown-esque group singing the song, "There's no chimneys in the Projects"..Well,I'm sorry about that, but did she have to go on belting out that she knew it wasn't SANTA THAT PUT THE MAGIC UNDER THE TREE...IT WAS MY BEAUTIFUL MOMMY???" Thank Prancer my kids didn't pick up on it. What happened to the good ole days of recieve the Best Wish Book??? Bah humbug.