Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Corruption, cronyism and negligence By Andrew Roscoe


August 10, 2016

What learned Americans thirst for is an upstanding, sincere president who has his or her priorities in the proper perspective defending liberty. Thankfully, but still crippling, Marxism's disciple will exit having embedded subjugation's methodology.

It's catastrophic for America's magnificent history that our first African-American president proved to be the most petulant, lawless, wasteful, subversive and divisive executive ever. An individual twice elected via elitism's news media, based on race rather than the content of character or allegiance to our constitution.

Historians remember Margaret Shippen — to escape being treason's accomplice, Benedict Arnold wife conveniently concocted memory loss. Today, convenient memory lapses, diversionary orations and redefining fact, highlight Bill and Hillary Clinton's reprehensible record with Whitewater, Waco, Los Alamos security thefts, Tyson Foods, Vince Foster's implausible death, prisoner exchanges freeing terrorist Mohammed Atta (a 9/11 pilot), illegal servers and a highly suspect foundation.

As senator, Clinton's voting record revealed undeniable ineptitude for fiscal understanding, including foreign policy. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton possessed $2.3 billion for embassy security, including military support; the 2012 pre-presidential election Benghazi embassy slaughter, under her charge, exposed dereliction of duty and absolute untrustworthiness. "What difference — at this point — what difference does it make?" was her whimsical answer for disregard, negligence and malfeasance.

This upcoming 2016 election is critical for America's long overdue domestic and international cures; voters must reject yet another socialist in chief. By her actions, Clinton does not possess the moral compass, sagacity, or the earned respect of international state's persons like Indira Ghandi, Margaret Thatcher, Benazir Bhutto, Golda Meir or Jeane Kirkpatrick. Repulsively, Clinton interned with reported Communist Party supporters: Bob Treuhaft, Doris Walker and Mal Burnstein.

We taxpayers are the recipients of decades of destructive policy resulting in government's unquenchable thirst for revenue misappropriations based on proven, hoax-driven politics: Ozone holes, global cooling, global warming, feel-safe controls and Obama-scams. Government programs, sponsored by cronyism's Democrats like Clinton, spoon-fed mega-trillions of unaccountable dollars into America's inner-city cores yielding media justice, illiteracy, illegal immigration, insolvency, exorbitant taxation, corruption, riots, soaring crime and killing our police.

Misery's madam, Clinton, is a political chameleon, a lifelong draconian progressive and avid disciple of Saul Alinsky's radicalization. Right now, sincere Democrats, Republicans and independents have this one-time opportunity to disavow race, gender and party drivel, while guiding America back on the path to sustained economic stability and international respect. Disgracefully, America still has 95 million persons out of work. The only difference between Clinton and President Barack Obama is that Obama openly hates America's constitution. America's tenets demand indisputable devotion, trustworthiness and leadership. What difference does it make? Everything.

Andrew Roscoe

Mount Laurel

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