Tuesday, February 28, 2017

News media are trying to destroy Trump’s presidency By Joseph Wasik

Source: http://www.burlingtoncountytimes.com/opinion/letters/news-media-are-trying-to-destroy-trump-s-presidency/article_873eda1e-b0e4-5753-bc96-e344e0a1b008.html

February 28, 2017

About two weeks ago, I bought two Burlington County Times’ newspapers, two days apart, and I paid $1.50 for each one. One newspaper had eight pages and the second had 12 pages.

The explanation for this is that the mainstream media is the enemy of the American people. I predicted these events two decades ago for the BCT and the news media in general.

The right person came along at this critical time in our history, when the country was being destroyed by the left. President Barack Obama gave us President Donald Trump. The Democrats have lost seats nationwide since 2010. The truth is, we the people, love Trump; he’s our gift from God, chosen by God.

The fact is that the media is trying to destroy Trump’s presidency; this is causing Trump supporters to embrace him that much more.

It’s too late for the BCT. Almost all print media in our country are losing readers. That’s why it had eight pages one day and a few days later, it had 12 pages — too many left-leaning talking points, half-truths and untruths. Fake news.

If the Russians hacked the election, and because of this, Hillary Clinton lost, how did Clinton win the popular vote?

Joseph Wasik