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Trump Won't 'European-ize' America and the Media Is 'Apoplectic' By Stuart Varney


July 10, 2017

President Trump is upsetting the mainstream media and the elites by refusing to continue with the "Europeanization" of the United States, Stuart Varney said today.

In his "Varney's Take" segment, the Fox Business anchor noted the hostility from the media after Trump's trip to the G-20 Summit.

Varney said he's been in America for 40 years and has been surprised - especially in under Barack Obama - at the push to make America more like Europe.

"Socialized medicine, open borders, dislike of the military and the religion of climate change. They were all full-tilt in the Obama years. The coastal elites are very much onboard with the Europeanization of America," said Varney.

He said the media was "apoplectic" at Trump's performance at the summit in Germany because the president is leading the "de-Europeanization," especially on climate change.

"On open borders, he's said 'enough, we're gonna control who comes in and you should do the same, you Europeans,'" said Varney.

Varney concluded that many people who admire the U.S. and choose to emigrate here "sometimes find it hard to believe that the homegrown elites are so intent on making us like them."

On "The Story," a UK Telegraph columnist explained that Europeans are actually far friendlier to Trump's ideas than politicians across the pond would have you believe.

Watch the full commentary above.

European socialism taking root in US By Stuart Varney


March 28, 2018

I consider myself a refugee from European socialism. I didn't like it. When I got to America, I felt liberated.

Forty years later, I’ve got a case of déjà vu – I keep hearing echoes from across the Atlantic. That socialist mindset has established itself here.

What caught my attention was a headline in The Washington Post: “Wall Street's average bonus in 2017? Three times what most us households made all year."

The writer breathlessly tells us the "bonus payout" for those bankers and brokers reached $184,220 last year. Almost back to pre-crash levels. It’s dangerous, says the Post – incentive pay encourages risk taking! And all that money just makes income inequality worse.

A couple of points: this article appeared in the Trump-hating Washington Post. To them, income inequality is a big issue. They are with Bernie Sanders on this. And yes, they conveniently forget that the Post's owner is Jeff Bezos, the Amazon man, who just happens to be the most income unequal guy – he's the richest person in the world, worth a staggering $120 billion plus! You have to laugh: income inequality! From the plutocrat Post!

But what really got to me was the jealousy. The snide contempt for making money. The denigration of success. That is pure, socialist Europe. It’s class warfare. And it’s here.

What hypocrisy is on display here: the wealthy elites, voting for leftist policies and politicians. The rich, supposedly angered by income inequality – you may be tempted to laugh. Don't.

Socialism is pernicious. It is: "you've got it. I want it. Give it to me. Now.” For those of us who have lived in societies like that, it’s not funny. It’s awful.

Imagine my joy when I arrived here all those years ago: in this huge, dynamic country, I had some scope. A chance to climb the income ladder and make something of myself. I wasn't held back by social class. Nobody cared where I came from or who my dad worked for. You got any brains, drive, talent and ability? Well put it to work. It’s a wonderful place, and I’ve loved it from the get-go.

Socialism be damned!

Between Trump-ism and socialism, I have to believe Trump wins By Stuart Varney


August 3, 2018

We've been reporting a lot of good news on the economy: It’s booming. Plenty of jobs. Wages rising. Got it.

We've also been reporting on the rise of socialism. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is "everywhere." She's the new Democrat darling whose far-left ideas are taking over. Or so we are told. Just yesterday, she said the economy is broken. Fill vacant luxury homes with the homeless. Measure the economy not by GDP, she says, but by how many people have homes. When you say stuff like that, you make headlines, especially if you are headed for Congress.

But is she really leading a "movement" that will grow to dominate the Democrats? Are there really that many people who buy the socialist line? I'm not so sure about that.

For a start, only 15,000 people voted for Ocasio-Cortez when she won her primary in New York. Fifteen thousand. There are 300,000 voters in the district. She mobilized the far-left base, and that’s it.

And who exactly believes the economy is broken? How many people think the government should guarantee everyone a job and provide everyone with a basic income, and free college and Medicare for all?

When the economy is actually in very good shape, and getting better by the month, it’s hard to believe that middle America accepts the socialist line. As socialist Venezuela collapses, and neo-socialist Europe goes through another financial crisis, surely, America will look "over there" and say, "Not over here."

If it’s a contest for the hearts and minds of America's voters, between Trump-ism and socialism, I have to believe Trump wins. If Democrats really want to exercise power again, they should nip this so-called "movement" in the bud.

Four percent growth. Record-low unemployment. That’s not a broken economy.

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