Monday, December 17, 2007

Fred Thompson For POTUS By Joyce Kavitsky

The crop of Republican candidates running for President of the United States have been good respresentatives of what a big tent the Republican Party really is. For the RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) there is Rudy Giuliani; for the "go along to get along" crowd there is John McCain and Mike Huckabee; and for conservatives the majority or base of the party there are Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo, and Fred Thompson; we even have a dove in Ron Paul. For candidates we don't quite know what to make of there are Mitt Romney and Alan Keyes. Of the candidates who have dropped out are two former Governors, Tommy Thompson of Wisconsin and Jim Gilmore of Virginia, and one senator Sam Brownback of Kansas.

As for me, I was trying to decide whether to vote for Duncan Hunter or Fred Thompson. Both are conservatives with good credentials who are thoughtful and articulate who I wouldn't mind seeing on each others presidential ticket or in a lead cabinet position in the others administration like Hunter as Secretary of Homeland Security or Thompson as Attorney General. Hunter is a very appealing candidate for his spunk and dependable conservative votes and positions, the one big down for him is that he is not well known or registering any sizable support or showing any traction in early surveys of the candidates.

I have decided to vote in the New Jersey primary for Fred Thompson because for years I have been impressed with his work in Congress as a pork buster and his dependable votes as an all around conservative, except for a few strays here and there. Thompson's White Papers on Border Security and Immigration and Israel are excellent proposals. His demeanor is that of a real person, not a conniving power-hungry politican like the Democrat's frontrunner. Thompson entered the presidental race at the urging of successful Draft Fred Thompson drives. He comes across as somebody who would be the strong leader our country needs in this post-September 11, 2001 era. Thompson's intellect and stature dwarf that of any candidate the Democrats can put up. Come together behind Fred!

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Dan Eisner said...

I don't know a whole heck of a lot about Fred Thompson, but what I do know of him, I like. I disagree with his conservatism, but at least he is a legitimate conservative, instead of a wannabe like so many of the conservative government leaders of today.

A quote from Fred Thompson that I especially like:

"I know that I’m right with God and the people I love. It's just the way I am not to talk about some of these things."