Friday, August 17, 2012

Obama Rhetoric That Impacted American Slang - Assembled By Joyce Kavitsky

"Above my pay grade" - Obama's arrogant response to not comment on the subject of abortion when asked by pastor Rick Warren in 2008. Used to avoid giving straight or direct answers to questions.

Audacity - a fancy word for nerve or courage to do or say something

Birther(s) - a dehumanizing word created to put down or demogogue people who are skeptical of Obama's location of birth.

Double-down - a gambling term meant to hold tight to a bet; not to change an unpopular position.

Fair share - a Communist phrase meant to incite that contributions to society lack in comparision to personal finances. It is used by Obama to argue that successful and wealthier Americans should pay more in taxes than they currently do. The phrase is used in defense of Affirmative Action, homosexual marriage and welfare programs, among other things.

Folks - Obama's way of saying "people". It is an ebonics word used to subtly remind people that he is not 100% caucasian.

Game-changer - when something becomes completely different than first thought. It is used by the press when things go not as they originally theorized. It is when a variable enters that alters expectations.

"Hope and change" - Obama's winning 2008 campaign slogan which proved to be empty rhetoric in the years following when he showed himself to be inept or unable and unwilling to work with Republicans in Congress on anything.

Inherited - the rhetoric Obama uses when he blames President Bush for post-Bush problems he made worse like adding trillions to the National Debt and high unemployment. Used by Democrats in defense of Obama's ineptness. Ironically, hard-core liberals believe this and regurgitate it without a second thought even though Obama has been in office over 100 days.

"Level the playing field" - a Communist term meant to have the country's population be all poor and dependent on the government to prevent an uprising of informed citizens to overthrow it. Used to knock down or bully successful Americans into paying for government goods, services and shelter for politically considered "poor" Americans in what can be considered a "lower middle class". A new Robin Hood phrase also meaning to steal from the rich to satisfy the poor. Ironically, the poorest Americans who are destitute are not helped by the government programs; they are homeless, living out of cars, living in abandoned buildings, etc and do not always get the perks that the politically considered "poor" shamefully demand and receive.

Main Street - Obama's way of dividing people into those who do not work on Wall Street or in the business of finance and those who do. Used to demogogue New York City individuals involved with embezzlement scandals where millions were moved off the books without proper authorization. Also heard as Main Street America.

Narrative - propaganda the American media weaves in a story or a series of stories to the benefit of Obama. A blatant web of lies or cover-up spread by the media to push a positive propaganda view of Obama. Similar to the Clinton word spin.

ObamaCare - a word play off of the very unpopular similar 1990s HillaryCare. With "The Affordable Healthcare Act", along with components of it buried in other legislation passed by the Democrat-controlled Congress, it was illegally pushed through the House and Senate led by then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid without debate, Congressional meetings, bill-markups, public debate, and with backdoor bribing of fence-sitting Democrat Congress members. The act was passed by Democrats only, without any votes from Republicans supporting it. The controversial law adds layers and layers of bureaucracy to the American medical industry causing prices to rise, doctors to retire early and medical care to be more difficult to get. Very unpopular life and death law that first withstood being struck down Constitutionaly by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2012 by being a "tax" and will next ultimately (hopefully) be repealed in total off the books by Congress.

Occupy Wall Street - Obama's far left-wing group of grassroot thugs that protest Wall Street or capitalism. The group has gotten praise from Obama, Pelosi and liberal celebrities, among others.

Pakistan (pronounced PAK E STAWN) - Obama's foreign-sounding way to pronounce the country of Pakistan's name. The American way to pronounce Pakistan is PAK A STAN

Shellacking - Obama's reaction to Election 2010 when Democrats lost ground to T.E.A.-supported candidates swept into office ousting the unpopular and controversial Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House making John Boehner of Ohio the new Speaker under a new Republican majority. Republicans also picked up seats and took power across the country at various local, state and federal governments that night.

Shovel-ready - temporary construction jobs that never appeared from a 2009 stimulus bill passed by the Democrat-controlled Congress. It was full of controversial pork-barrel spending that did not create the falsely advertised jobs Obama and the media claimed.

"Spread the wealth" - same as "level the playing field". A communist phrase meant to create a lazy society of politically considered "poor" citizens dependent on the government for food, shelter and jobs. Another Robin Hood term for stealing or overtaxing the salary or savings of people above a threshold considered politically "rich" to pay for government charitable services to the "poor".

TEA-baggers - used to demogogue the Taxed Enough Already (T.E.A.) supporters before and after the 2010 election that swept into office candidates supported by them.

The Messiah - a tongue-in-cheek label opponents of Obama call him that he ironically believes himself to be. As a mixed race politican, Obama is viewed by the liberal press as their "Messiah" or God-like being elected to High Office that can at his whim make any law they desire since he was elected through Affimative Action campaign propaganda emphasizing his skin color. It is also a play-off of Obama being anti-Catholic and his relationship with Jeremiah Wright, a controverisal racist and anti-American preacher in Chicago.

Trajectory - a fancy word media commentators use to try to forsee the direction of employment, the national debt and annual federal budget deficits. Used to spin the ecomony is improving when it is not.

Typical - the arrogant and dismissive way Obama describes his caucasian mother as a person. Used to as a way to sarcastically describe something out of ordinary as red flags go up when this word is used. Obama's mother was an anti-American Traveler not the kind of person usually thought of from Kansas.


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