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Delran Articles At Not On Phillips Philes - But Should Be

Joyce Comments 5/24/2018: I would be very very appreciative if somebody would "clip" out the Philadelphia Inquirer articles at listed below. The articles were previously online through the Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News 1986-2016 archive at, but in late 2016 the articles were taken offline. Fortunately, I was able to retrieve a number of others though the Wayback Machine, but they do not have everything preserved that was online. Below are articles remaining that I still would like to include on Phillips Philes, but cannot since they are not in the Wayback Machine. The Delran Historical Society as well would likely appreciate having these noteworthy articles unearthed for public reference. Special shout-out to Patrick Duff for clipping out Delran articles at

Businesses In Town/Delran Planning Board/Route 130

A Masterful Meal - Right Down To The Garnishes By John V. R. Bull - January 3, 1988
At Route 130 Motels, 'Vacancy' Is Sign Of Times By Bryon Kurzenabe - December 19, 1991
Coffee Shops Grounded In A Tradition Who Needs Cappuccino? Camaraderie And Hearty Cooking Keep Customers Coming Back. By Natalie Pompilio - February 11, 1996
Delran Sam's Club Looks To Move By Lauren Mayk - October 3, 1999
A most unseasonable adieu Three retail chains are closing 29 area stores despite signs of a recovery and the holiday season. By Bob Fernande - October 8, 2004

Delran Town Council

Town Needs Help In Census Of Dogs And Cats By Josh Zimmer - September 21, 1992
Councilman W.l. Smock Of Delran By Josh Zimmer - January 12, 1993
Louis M. Kaniecki, 76; Was Delran Treasurer By S. Joseph Hagenmayer - October 28, 1998

Delran Town Notables/Human Interest

Lover Of History And Art Takes Their Power On Road He Found His Calling At Age 9. Now He Shares It With Seniors And Students. By Natalie Pompilio - October 1, 1995

Delran Students/Teachers

Delran Students Aiming High For 'Peter Pan' By Gary H. Sternberg - April 8, 1987
3 New Goals: Better Attendance, Better Fitness And More Reading By Gary H. Sternberg - September 20, 1987
It's A Jungle In There School Cafeteria Gets Animal Mural By Sonia R. Lelii - January 9, 1992
Former Coach Cries Foul Over Policy, Sues To Get Job Back Paul Konieczka Cites His Winning Record At Delran Middle School. The Board Says Health Is The Issue. By Lynnette Khalfani - October 10, 1993

Delran Repairs

Money To Repair Roof At Elementary School In Doubt, Say Officials By Dawn Capewell - April 20, 1988

Housing/Creek Road

Tenants Tend To Settle In Here The 326-unit Apartment And Townhouse Complex Offers Lots Of Space, Flexibility And Diversity. By Kristen A. Graham - January 10, 1999

Delran First Responders/Law & Order

A Four-alarm Celebration To Honor Company's 100th Year By Charlie Frush - September 30, 1987
3 Communities Will Vote On Police Pension Change By Marego Athans - October 27, 1991
Delran's Space For Prisoners Runneth Over By Josh Zimmer - May 24, 1992
Delran Firefighters Get Pumper, Squirt To Douse High-level Fires Its Revolving Arm Can Extend 54 Feet High. By Josh Zimmer - September 27, 1992
A Crash On Rte. 130 Fills Road With Nails No One Was Seriously Hurt. But Police Manned Brooms When Nails Were Knocked From The Pickup. By Laurent Sacharoff - December 8, 1993
Uncompromising Judge Decides It's Time To Give Up The Gavel Once, Bennett Bozarth Ruled In Eight Towns. His Rigid Courtroom Rules Will Be His Legacy. By Karen Masterson and Jan Hefler - October 30, 1998

The Foys

Thomas Foy, ex-Burlco legislator By Edward Colimore - September 3, 2004

Delran High School Class of 1994

Young Soccer Players Are Getting Their Kicks By Robert DiGiacomo - October 19, 1988
Karwacki Sitting Out Spring For Rutgers Coach Doug Graber Sees Promise In The Player From Delran, Who Has Been Sidelined While Undergoing Medical Tests. By Rich Fisher - April 21, 1995
This Rutgers-to-rowan Football Transfer Is Glad He Switched By Rich Fisher - October 10, 1997

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