Thursday, October 15, 2009

Welcome New Contributor Joseph Michael Wasik!


It is my pleasure to welcome Phillips Philes newest contributor Joseph Michael Wasik. Like myself and Bill, Mr. Wasik is a resident of Southern New Jersey. He, as you have sampled from recent posts, from time to time writes letters to the editor and articles published in the local newspaper. You can read more about Mr. Wasik from his profile at Eons by clicking here.

Mr. Wasik, as you will see, is a great addition to Phillips Philes.

Joyce Kavitsky

Other writings by Joseph Michael Wasik:

He’ll never give up

January 24, 2009
Burlington County Times

For the sake of our country, I will never give up. For the sake of our families, I will never give up. For the sake of those who protect us, I will never give up. For the sake of those who grow our food and provide shelter, I will never give up.

For the sake of our religious faiths, I will never give up. For the sake of our freedoms, especially our freedom of speech, I will never give up.

“Government cannot solve the problems; they are the problem” [Ronald Reagan, 1981].

Liberalism/Socialism/progressivism is like having a guitar that is badly out of tune. A beautiful instrument with potential, but could never play beautiful music without the attention of a skilled musician. Somehow, about half of our population are trying to play this guitar and make beautiful music.

But the tunes they play are bad on the ears.

Yet they don’t realize how horrible the tunes are that they play; thinking that the tunes they play are just what the other half of the population needs to enjoy. How do you tell someone that their music is unpleasant when they have closed ears and closed minds?

Being angry and critical of the other half with the good musical ears? What do you think?

Joseph Michael Wasik

Do you have the symptoms of road rage?

July 06, 2009
Burlington County Times

When out on the road, occasionally, I see a driver tailgating a tractor-trailer or a large box truck. Was that you?

Do you get so angry at someone in front of you who is only driving the speed limit that you start pounding the steering wheel or throwing up your arms in anger? Or giving that driver the fickle finger when you pass on the left, over the double center lines, or the shoulder?

Do you drive so close to someone in front of you in retaliation and with the intent to harass and intimidate that slowpoke?

Are you constantly hurrying to get to that long line of traffic stopped at the red light? Do you drive on the shoulder so that you can be at the head of all that traffic? When you see a long line of traffic, do you drive down the turning lane and edge everyone out by inserting your car close to the front of the line?

Do you find yourself angry whenever you arrive at a destination? When was the last time your front end was replaced? Did that add to your anger? And, did you rush to the body mechanic who replaced your front end? Or was your car towed there? Just curious.

Joseph Michael Wasik, Evesham

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