Friday, June 22, 2007

My Rundown Of The Illegal Alien Crisis In The U.S.A. by Joyce Kavitsky

Joyce Comments: For decades now the United States has been dealing, or rather not dealing, with a flood of illegal aliens entering our country. The statue quo is that currently people sneak cross our northern and southern borders, enter by sea, or even pack themselves in freight coming here (often seeking asylum from countries like Haiti, Cuba, China, and others) to escape life under a dictator of failed quasi-socialist or quasi-communist governments running their home country. The problem with this is that once these people cross into our land they, unlike the people who come here legally, have not been properly screened or approved medical-wise, criminally with background checks, or interviewed, and more.

Illegals are found through good samaritans like yourselves who report them to authorities and they are deported, case by case unfortunately instead of automatically. Most of these illegals have no desire to fit into American society, especially the spanish-speaking ones who limit themselves to listening in the United States to spanish language radio stations, watching spanish language television stations, and reading and primarily communicating in their native languages. Chinese illegals come here and start China Towns in various places around the country, while spanish illegals have their ghettos. They are content being outcasts in American society and most consistently contribute to the prison population then the general population. Assimilation is not a dirty word. It means that society is on the same page together for the American way and that we can communicate with each other. To be unassimilated means to be a misfit in American, or any countries, society. It is cruel to keep people preserved in their native language and culture by catering to the unassimilated by allowing languages other than English to be on American air waves, television as well as print. One obvious reason is that we all cannot share enjoyment or comprehension in the targeted programming, and two for national security reasons.

Here is a rundown of arguments about the crisis:

Bill O'Reilly's Fair Illegal Immigration Proposal

Compelling arguments against the Kennedy immigration bill:
Rewarding Illegal Aliens: Senate Bill Undermines The Rule of Law by Kris W. Kobach, D.Phil., J.D. and Matthew Spalding, Ph.D.
Immigration Bill or Foreign Welfare System? by Walt at A True Conservative View
The DREAM Act of 2007 - Jackpot for Illegal Aliens by David Nix

Operation Wetback

Unofficial Operation Wetback II?

Enforce Current Laws

Mexico's own laws on illegal immigration

Our, and the worlds, Nightmare

The answer to this crisis is not to enact already tried and failed legislation like the Kennedy amnesty bill that would exasperate the crisis by essentially leaving low-wage American workers out in the cold. This bill is basically a surrender to Mexico by giving their people welfare in their own country in a part of the bill Walt goes into here about SPP, and other various perks that American citizens and legal immigrants would NOT be eligable for concerning illegals attending American schools and business loans at the expense of law-abiding American taxpayers. As well as the most outrageous of all an encore of the 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli act which granted amnesty to millions of illegals, except now the proposed legislation would do that and end the assimilation requirement for citizenship.

What this comes down is that there are desperate people illegally crossing our borders, mostly from Mexico, at the invitation of gringo and gringa renegade employers to do blue collar jobs for wages, paid under the table, that are far lower then what qualified Americans would get if the businesses were on the up and up. This is because the United States government and state governments have told employers that they must pay no less then $7.25 an hour, or whatever the mininum wage may be, so instead of gritting their teeth and following the law or trying to get it amended, these renegade employers hire non-Americans who are here illegally who will take far less. These renegade employers even go so far as to place classified ads in Mexico. The answer to this is to ABOLISH THE MININUM WAGE so that these renegade employers will have no excuse to hire illegals and will have to hire only Americans.

What MUST be done to end this crisis:
1. Abolish the mininum wage at both the federal and state levels; as well other wage regulation
2. Build a wall exactly like Israel's northern border with Syria for our southern border with Mexico since the Mexican government sanctions the illegal border crossings and is no help to us on this
3. Make English the official language of the United States and all its territories (no exceptions for Hawaii or Puerto Rico)
4. Prohibit all languages other than English from being broadcast inside the United States and its territories through the radio waves, satellite waves, television and cable, and print. Exceptions strictly should include prayer books, grade school and college foreign language lesson books, and audio lessons for travel purposes
5. Repeal a 1983 law that established Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) which gives the judicial branch authority to make rulings over the illegals
6. Continue deportations of the illegals and widespread crackdowns on renegade employers
7. Create an American version of Mexico's law on illegal aliens
8. Strengthen, or in some cases repeal, our current laws to make enforcement easier by #7

If all of this is done, the USA will have a real handle on this crisis without having to resort to amnesty, or in some cases actual automatic pardons, of millions of illegals currently here.

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