Thursday, December 13, 2007

Phillips Philes WANTED: Volunteer Contributors

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Phillips Philes is looking for volunteer contributors who can post posts both of original writing and noteworthy articles. A flair for coherent, witty, logical, historical, pithy, creative, and of course politically conservative writing is wanted. If you also know how to bloglist, add site meters, You Tube and RealPlayer video, and more, please comment on this post with your actual e-mail so that we can formally invite you to be an admistrator contributor. You may add any links you want, and free features to Phillips Philes as an administrator that would improve the blog. Phillips Philes reserves the right to remove or bounce any admistrator that hurts the integrity of the blog.

Phillips Philes started in July 2004 and is based in Southern New Jersey in the suburbs of Philadelphia. No money is exchanged, this is a super dooper blog in the making run by regular grassroots conservatives, who will gladly accept Blue Dog Democrats as well, aiming to be informative, persuasive, and at times activist. This is for the closet hobby writer or person who has an eye for interesting news that catches your eye. Posts do not have to be just about the Delaware Valley area, you are welcome to post the news, or an interpretation of news from your area too even if it counters or instigates supportive posts on the Philadelphia sports teams.

Reply now and get started!


Writing experience.....Amateur to professional, all welcome
Blog design.....moderate to advanced
Reference.....Valuable to list Phillips Philes on your resume, demonstrates experience online
No to minimal censorship.....on Phillips Philes you could have free reign to post almost anything within reason. This becomes your blog too when you join. Nudity, pornography, and SPAM ads are prohibited here. Exclusives and original research are welcome!

UPDATE 6/6/2016: Phillips Philes, according to Blogger, averages thousands of hits a month! In our heyday, before addictive interactive alternatives became popular online, we received an impressive amount of daily hits for a small blog! Potential contributors please contact Joyce for an invitation to post directly to Phillips Philes.


Dan said...

I'm not a Blue Dog Democrat--on the scale of 1-10, with 1 being the most conservative and 10 being the most liberal, I'm probably an 8. But I have livened up your blog in the past and my contributions could certainly make your blog much more interesting than if it contained the typical conservative ideas you'll find on Drudge, Michelle Malkin's blog, the National Review, etc.

Joyce Kavitsky said...

Dan, thanks for your interest and for being honest about how you rate on the political scale. The idea was to have people in the same ballpark politically work together. As liberal as you are, we still do have a lot in common as Americans who care about the best interest of our country, we just come from opposite ends of the political spectrum in our philosophy. You are a decent person and I'm sure you would be a good addition to the Phillips Philes staff.

Since you are familiar with this blog we can try this out and see how it goes. Your profile doesn't come up, but I happen to have come across a post from a couple years ago about building a fence on our southern border and the comment is signed by "Dan" Is this you? Is the Eye of the Storm blog yours? If it is, I can get the BlogSpot invitation out to you through the e-mail there. I do need the e-mail you use to sign in so that I can get the invitation to you so that you can accept and join the staff.

Dan said...

Yup, that's me.

I think a big problem in America today is the divisiveness of the right vs. left war. This is one of the reasons I'd like to be on your blog. We'll certainly disagree about things, but we must hear each other out. We may even find that we agree on some things. If enough liberals and conservatives can be big enough to do this, that would go a long way toward ending this cultural civil war.

Joyce Kavitsky said...

Dan, I took another look at your other profile and your blog and noticed that there is no contact information on it to send the invitation to. If you do not want to directly mention it here you can make that part of your profile temporarily seen so that I can get that to you and after the invitation arrives then you can make your profile private again.

Yes, there is way, way, way too much partisanship around in the beltway and elseware on such things that had for the longest time broughtout unity or at least civility like our country's foreign policy and nominees for public service. The liberals war on American culture has really deteriorated our country by way of public education, taboos becoming almost mainstream. Bleeding heart liberalism that leads to big government, curbs to our freedoms on everything from burning leaves to using hair spray, has made our country now obvious then before lean toward socialism with sprinkles of communism in quotas and Title IX which has ended men's wrestling in Florida colleges and away from the proven merit system and common sense.

If I don't get back to you right away, the next chance I will be online will either be in the 4:00pm hour or tomorrow evening. Hopefully you should be able to post tomorrow on Phillips Philes some time.

Dan said...

Here's my email:

Right away, you are blaming liberals for all the country's problems. This doesn't surprise me. This is what the conservative leadership has encouraged. Just the other day, Rush Limbaugh said this: "Liberal solutions are destroying the fabric of this country. And as such, conservatives fighting liberals is what this election is about! The left being defeated is what this election is about. That is fighting for the country."

This sort of finger pointing hurts the country. It doesn't serve to improve the country. It only leads to more divisiveness and polarization.

Liberals aren't waging a war on our culture. We are trying to improve this country. Conservatives might disagree with us, and that's fine. But if you were to just listen to our reasoning behind some of our policy positions, we might be able to compromise and find a solution that works for both sides.

I will address some of the specifics you mentioned. Chlorofluorocarbons have been scientifically proven to be harmful to the environment, so they had to be outlawed, much like mills were outlawed from dumping waste into rivers in the early to mid 20th century.

Republicans controlled Congress from 1995 to 2007 and have been in the White House since 2001. If what you say is true and our country leans more toward socialism and communism than ever (I naturally disagree), then the Republican party must share the blame.

You mention big government; The Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit and the Terry Schiavo affair are two of the most egregious examples of big government in the past couple decades. Again, Republicans must share the blame.

Title IX has absolutely had unintended consequences and must be revisited. Another example of a program that was cut because of Title IX is the Providence baseball team in the 1990s. This law needs to be amended.

Joyce Kavitsky said...

Dan, concerning Rush Limbaugh, I do not get the impression that he is trying to keep the country divided. I think part of his job on the radio is to rally the base by exposing or making known things done everyday that impact the country for the worst (which the super majority - not all - of the time is done by the left) in the three branches of government and at the state and local levels when something big gets national attention. Rush goes on the air well read and researched everything he talks about on his show. I recommend reading Kate O'Bierne's fast paced and well documented book "Women Who Make the World Worse: and How Their Radical Feminist Assault Is Ruining Our Schools, Families, Military, and Sports" She goes into how liberals are dumbing down American boys in public school and more.

Of the things you mentioned, the Medicare Perscription Drug thing outraged conservatives then and to this day. Conservatives are against it because it is on the federal budget instead of being run by the free market with the drug companies taking the initiative. On Terri Schiavo, that was a personal matter between the doctors, Mr. Schiavo and the Schindlers and never should have gotten into the courts in the first place. In the early 1990s the courts in Florida should have dismissed the case and recommended that her family arrange something that everyone can live with.

On the lean towards Socialism, that began during Franklin Roosevelt's well meaning ponzi scheme Social Security in the 1930s and really picked up steam with Lyndon Johnson and his Great Society which ushered in the Warren Court which was the most liberal activist court this country ever had. The Rehnquist Court didn't get to overturn enough of the Warren Court decisions to right the country. The Roberts Court is still picking up the pieces.

I agree the Republicans didn't get to do enough and in this century they did get carried away with their power earmark wise and budget wise by continuing to pass federal budgets that are higher then the year before. Hopefully now they learned their lesson and will come back into power with the same wide-eyed enthusiam they had in 1994 when conservatives ran the show like conservatives.