Wednesday, October 14, 2009

And the Bible is Best By Joseph Michael Wasik


January 18–25, 1996

Letters To The Editor

Recently, a thief ran through a neighbor's yard and broke his neck on the family's clothesline after a robbery attempt. He sued the neighbor for negligence and the liberal judge awarded the thief $30,000.

In NYC, a thief sued the city and was awarded $1,300,000 because a police officer shot and paralyzed him as he was running away after a purse snatch.

With insane decisions like these, we should not be surprised that there is little respect for the law or that criminals are not deterred by the threat of capture.

When our country's laws were based on the Bible, and the ten commandments were taught in schools as standards for behavior, we had far less crime. During the last 75 years some of the brightest men and women have become lawyers, judges and educators and have turned the First Amendment upside down. Now more attention is centered on the criminal rather than on the victim.

Who's to blame? The 52 percent of Christians who don't bother to vote and the 18 percent who vote for liberals such as our President. To effect a return to law and order, it's time Christians assumed their God-given and constitutional responsibility by getting out to vote and by electing those who share our moral values.

Joseph Michael Wasik

Marlton, NJ

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