Sunday, October 31, 2010

GOProud Unveils Television Advertising Campaign Targeting Barney Frank, Barbara Boxer and Congressional Democrats


October 22, 2010

(Washington, D.C.) – Today, GOProud, the only national organization representing gay conservatives and their allies, unveiled an unprecedented television advertising campaign targeting Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Congressional Democrats. “For the first time ever a national gay organization is airing a television advertising campaign going after Democrats,” said Jimmy LaSalvia, Executive Director. “This advertising campaign highlights the embarrassing and arrogant approach of Democratic leaders in Washington, and reminds voters that the record of this Democratic Congress is a dismal one.”

The 30 second spot, entitled “The Real Democrats of Washington, D.C.” will begin airing on Monday in California, Massachusetts, Hawaii and New York.

The spot highlights three Democratic politicians: Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts, Senator Barbara Boxer of California, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, also of California.

“Barney Frank is an absolute embarrassment,” said Christopher R. Barron, Chairman of GOProud’s Board of Directors. “He represents the worst kind of Washington politician. A man who treats his constituents with contempt, who gleefully acts as an attack dog for radical left-wing special interests, and whose demeanor is more appropriate for a trashy reality show than for the Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee.”

“Barney’s pal Barbara Boxer not only treats her constituents with contempt, but actually dressed down a United States General during his testimony before the Senate, scolding him for referring to her as ‘m’am’ rather than Senator – a title she says she has ‘worked so hard for,” continued Barron. “The American people deserve better than that type of arrogant behavior from their elected officials.”

“It’s not just the contempt and arrogance from Washington Democrats – it’s the total failure of their policies,” said LaSalvia. “On election night in 2006, Speaker Pelosi crowed about how voters had voted for change by electing Democrats and now we see what that ‘change’ has brought us – out of control debt, runaway spending, and the loss of millions of jobs.”

“This advertising campaign will show the American people what the real Democrats of Washington, D.C. are all about and make it clear, that under Democrats, reality bites,” concluded LaSalvia.


:30 Seconds TV

“If you thought the housewives were dysfunctional, wait until you meet the Real Democrats of Washington D.C.!”

[On screen: The Real Democrats of Washington, D.C. – Photos of Frank, Boxer and Pelosi]

“They’re catty!

BARNEY FRANK: “Talking to you madam is like talking to a dining room table”

[On screen: Barney Frank standing there, with the words “Barney” below him]

“They’re arrogant!”

BARBARA BOXER: “Can you call me Senator instead of mam, its just a thing I have worked so hard to get that title”

[On screen: Barbara Boxer standing there, with the words “Barbara” below her]

“And they’re in charge!”

NANCY PELOSI: “The people voted for change…”

[On screen: Nancy Pelosi standing there with the words “Nancy” below her]

“Under Democrats Reality Bites!”

ON SCREEN – The Change? Out of control debt, runaway spending and the loss of jobs

“GOProud is responsible for the content of this advertising”

[On screen + disclaimer]

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