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Manilow's 1979 Fractured Ankle in Paris

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February 1979

Paris Report
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Barry Manilow's sellout European tour took him to Paris [Oct. 25, 1978], where he fractured his ankle one hour before his scheduled debut at the Olympia Theatre. Barry was rushed to a doctor who taped the injury minutes before Barry stepped onstage. Of course, being a real trouper in the best show business tradition, Barry insisted on going on and doing his complete show, which includes an intricate disco dance in the popular "Copacabana" production number.

Two thousand screaming fans at the sold-out concert gave Barry three standing ovations. The next day's papers were filled with rave reviews.

While in Paris Barry also went to the famed "Casino de Paris" to see the popular cabaret entertainer Line Renaud introduce "Copacabana" in French in her glittering show "Paris Line." Miss Renaud dedicated her first live performance of "Copacabana" to Barry, and coaxed him to come onto the stage at conclusion of her lavish show. Mis Renaud's recording in French of "Copacabana" has been a smash hit in France.

Prior to arriving in Paris Barry did six sold-out performances in London and also performed in Amsterdam. He taped a live concert in London at the Royal Albert Hall for airing in England on the BBC at Christmas.

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