Saturday, January 27, 2018

21 Days

Good Saturday morning to you, as it is around the 1:00 AM hour, Eastern Standard time. I was racking my brain, in regards to the title of this blog entry. At first, I was thinking of a couple song titles. I was considering the last U.S. number one song by The Beatles and a hit by Roger Whittaker that was later covered by Elvis Presley in 1976; however, I kept it simple with "21 Days".

On Monday, January 22, 2018, I was notified by the client that they are going with a different guard service in thirty days. That is the life of working for a guard service (even though I have worked for only one). This is not the first time I have gone through this. Nearly four years ago, I went through a similar transition of my position being outsourced to the guard I have worked for. It was seamless, especially after I obtained my SORA license. That credential is upcoming for renewal, and I do plan on renewing it, since it means that I can obtain practically any security job in New Jersey. With that in mind, I do have options available. I am going to weigh what is out there before making up my mind. I have an idea as to which direction I may be heading, but will not say until there is a firm agreement.

As the sunset date of February 17th approaches, I can look back and reflect on my tenure and experience with the guard service. Within a one year period of time, I was promoted from Officer, to Sergeant, and finally Lieutenant, the position I have had for the past eighteen months. Besides covering a post, I did scheduling, handling payroll, and helping new hires obtain their SORA license. Some would say that the pay wasn't the greatest, but I did the best I could for what I was getting paid for. In a way, they are probably glad that they won't be paying me overtime (LOL). That is the life of being in management, no matter what profession. Maybe I will be fortunate enough, in that I will have "guaranteed" days off. As for somebody that is approaching their mid-forties like me, is it about job security or money? Stay tuned, as the decision will be finalized within twenty-one days.

Have a wonderful weekend!



Joyce Kavitsky said...

Bill, this shake-up can be a big opportunity for you to look outside of New Jersey and the Philadelphia area. With Governor Murphy now in office, New Jersey feels especially hostile and unwelcome for small town NJ. There are other security NJ job openings similar to what you have now listed on Indeed for:

AlliedUniversal and

Staff Pro Security

Good luck with your job search!

Joyce Kavitsky said...

Bill, I also suggest you join LinkedIn and fill out your profile there to All Star Status with a photo, add lots of connections, get lots of endorsements and update your Resume PDF.